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  • ENERGIZING PEEL 50ml DetailsENERGIZING PEEL 50ml Enzymatic exfoliant for skin renewal - NR inside
  • CLEANSING GEL 250ml DetailsCLEANSING GEL 250ml Refreshing daily facial cleanser - NR inside
  • CLEOPATRA VITAL FORTE Peel 100ml DetailsCLEOPATRA VITAL FORTE Peel 100ml Highly concentrated chemical peel that doesn't require healing time
  • CLEOPATRA VITAL Peel 100ml DetailsCLEOPATRA VITAL Peel 100ml Superficial chemical peel that doesn't require healing time
  • CLEOPATRA PRE-PEEL 100ml DetailsCLEOPATRA PRE-PEEL 100ml Preps skin for the chemical peel in order to improve the treatment's effectiveness
  • CLEOPATRA POST-PEEL 100ml DetailsCLEOPATRA POST-PEEL 100ml Ends the chemical peel and begins the healing process to reveal the renewed skin as soon as possible
  • DAILY Scrub 400ml DetailsDAILY Scrub 400ml Gentle exfoliating scrub that cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it fresh and smoother
  • ACTIVE Cleanser 500ml DetailsACTIVE Cleanser 500ml Powerful cleanser that accelerates skin rejuvenation
  • TRIPLE-ACTION Cleanser 500ml DetailsTRIPLE-ACTION Cleanser 500ml Cleansing solution, toner and makeup remover in one product!
  • EYE Cleanser 200ml DetailsEYE Cleanser 200ml Double-action eye makeup remover
  • ALPHA Gel 500ml DetailsALPHA Gel 500ml Powerful gel that deeply cleanses and polishes skin for a smooth, radiant complexion
  • ALPHA Toner 500ml DetailsALPHA Toner 500ml Plant extracts enriched toner that cleans and nourishes skin at the same time

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