•  TIGHT&FIRM MESO-COCKTAIL® Details TIGHT&FIRM MESO-COCKTAIL® Age defying Meso-Cocktail® that visibly firms and tightens aging skin. For use in professional Mesotherapy treatments
  • GOLD MASK 280ml DetailsGOLD MASK 280ml Anti-stress radiance mask - NR inside
  • FORTISSIMO HAIR MASK 100ml DetailsFORTISSIMO HAIR MASK 100ml Hair thickening and strengthening mask - NR inside
  • FOUNTAIN SERUM 30ml DetailsFOUNTAIN SERUM 30ml Pioneer longevity serum - NR inside
  • SNOW WHITE CREAM 50ml DetailsSNOW WHITE CREAM 50ml Spot removing whitening cream - NR inside
  • HYDRA MESO-COCKTAIL® DetailsHYDRA MESO-COCKTAIL® Restores skin's moisture reservoirs to supply extended hydration and achieve the ideal moisture balance. For use in professional Mesotherapy treatments
  • WRINKLE MESO-COCKTAIL® DetailsWRINKLE MESO-COCKTAIL® Anti-aging Meso-Cocktail® that visibly diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines to restore a youthful appearance. For use in professional Mesotherapy treatments
  • ENERGIZING PEEL 50ml DetailsENERGIZING PEEL 50ml Enzymatic exfoliant for skin renewal - NR inside
  • POWER MASK 50ml DetailsPOWER MASK 50ml Extremely active nutritional mask - NR inside
  • GROWTH-F MESO-COCKTAIL® DetailsGROWTH-F MESO-COCKTAIL® This Meso-Cocktail® is based on a complex of growth factors that stimulate powerful skin rejuvenation. For use in professional Mesotherapy treatments
  • CHROMA MESO-COCKTAIL® DetailsCHROMA MESO-COCKTAIL® Meso-Cocktail® that targets skin pigmentation and lightens the general skin tone. For use in professional Mesotherapy treatments
  • CLEANSING GEL 250ml DetailsCLEANSING GEL 250ml Refreshing daily facial cleanser - NR inside

Mesotherapy Injection Professional Seminar
News: Mesotherapy Injection Professional Seminar
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