ANTI SPOT Cream 30ml

Cream for lightening pigment spots

The cream is targeting specific pigmentation (age pigment spots; post-acne; dermatological effects of interventions like peels and laser treatments). The active complex of ingredients with lightening properties affects different stages of melanin synthesis, reduces hyper-pigmentation, and prevents the formation of new pigment spots.
Apply generously onto skin after cleansing and dab gently until fully absorbed. Use during night time. 
  • -ALPHA-ARBUTIN Effectively removes the dark spots and prevents the emergence of new ones.
  • SEPIWHITE An innovative lightening complex based on amino acids. It effectively stops the melanin production and gently brightens up your skin and pigment spots.
  • VC-PMG 
    A whitening and restorative factor, a newest stable derivative of Vitamin B that is more easily absorbed by the body. Stimulates the collagen synthesis.
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ANTI SPOT Cream 30ml

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