Whitening mask to achieve healthy radiant skin Like a sponge, this powerful mask absorbs the excess melanin from the outer layer of your skin and has an instant and long-lasting effect. It evenly whitens the pigment spots and freckles preventing the emergence of new ones. As a result, your skin takes on a uniform color.

Apply generously and leave for 20 minutes. Remove with a wet wipe. 
Use 2-3 times a week. For best results apply this over CHROMA THERAPY serum.  

  • Antipolon – Absorbs melanin from the epidermis and therefore provides an immediate whitening effect. 
  •  β White – Revolutionary complex that was granted a patent. Based on a new peptide, encapsulated Oligopeptide-68, that absorbs into the skin and diminishes the protein that produces tyrosine (the enzyme that produces melanin) and other proteins that are essential for the conveyance of melanin from the deep layers of the skin to its upper layers. 
  • Tyrostat – Innovative whitening ingredient that dramatically detains tyrosine. It is effective for reducing and preventing skin pigmentation and for preserving the results over time. It was also proven to be strengthening the action of β White.
  • Bearberry leaf extract – Bearberries are rich in Arbutin, an effective whitening agent that continually reduces tyrosine.  
  • Reservatrol – Unique skin whitener that affects several melanin production mechanisms and detains aging. 
  • Vitamin A Prpionate – In a high concentration: 2.5MIU instead of MIU (1.5%, the highest precent allowed). 
  • VC-IP –New and steadier Vitamin C derivative that prevents and treats skin pigmentation. 
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