NIGHT EXPERT Cream 100ml

Restorative Night care

NIGHT EXPERT CREAM is your special agent that helps you preserve the youthfulness of your skin. During sleep time, it activates your skin, restores vitality, and helps your skin look fresh and rested in the morning even if the nights are too short.
Retinol is the basic component of this cream. It effectively fights your wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, and stimulates collagen production. The formula contains special chronobilogical ingredients that are effective especially at night.
This cream is formulated for dry/normal aging skin. Another version of this cream is available for combination/oily skin (NIGHT EXPERT MIX-OILY).
Method of Application:

30 minutes before bedtime, apply the cream onto your cleansed dry face. For a maximum effect, we recommend preliminary use of a therapeutic serum.

For best results, apply after one of our THERAPY serums, such as GROWTH-F THERAPY serum or TIGHT & FIRM THERAPY serum. During the day use DEEP MOISTURE cream or RADIANCE++ for extremely dry skin. 

Restores the function of your skin cells and enhances the concentration of collagen and elastin and helps you regain the youthfulness of your skin.
Has an active anti-aging effect, improves skin elasticity, and reduces wrinkles.
Improves water and protein balance, and contributes to the improvement of your cells.
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NIGHT EXPERT Cream 100ml

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