Your secret solution to looking refreshed every morning: an anti-aging all-purpose potent day cream, for a maximal youth effect. The formula is adjusted to fit this hyper-connected world, providing the perfect nutrition and protects the skin from harmful blue light pollution, that is usually emitted from phone and computer screen, and affects your skin on a daily basis. For a final touch of glamour, the Cameleon caps provides a gentle, BB like non-oily coverage that evens the skin tone and creates a harmonious complexion.
  • Blumlight - An innovative ingredient that fights blue-light damages and digital aging.
  • Tightening Complex - Improves firmness, tonicity, viscoelasticity, and plasticity of the skin.
  • Artemia Extract - Will teach the skin to resist modern environmental damage, providing a healthier and fresher look.
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Interview for ILand TV channel
News: Interview for ILand TV channel
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