BB BELLISSIMA Cream (010) 30ml

Smoothing cream with a tone effect and a therapeutic influence

A soft substance that covers your skin with a thin veil. This method includes 5 stages of skin care: moisturizing, prevention of skin aging, providing a perfectly smooth skin tone, concealing minor skin imperfections, and effectively protecting against UV rays. The BB-cream is available in two tones that recreate your natural complexion adjusting to any skin type and color. The cream provides your skin with a beautiful and takes care of it throughout the day.

Method of Application:

Apply onto skin and massage gently until absorbed. The tone will adjust to the natural color of your skin within a few minutes. If necessary, apply additional portions to areas that need correction.

Slows down the aging process.
Forms a depot of moisture in your skin, restores skin volume, reduces wrinkles, and restores the healthy radiance of your skin.
During the contact with your skin, they release a special colored pigment that conceals skin imperfections and improves your skin texture. It is able to adapt to any skin tone.
Protect your skin from UV rays.

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BB BELLISSIMA Cream (010) 30ml

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